How to create a WordPress website (for beginners)



Learn how to create a WordPress website for beginners, because you need a professional website to share your products, services, and expertise.

If you’re a writer or author, you’d like to showcase your clips and advertise your speaking availability.

If you are a blogger, you are looking for an easy-to-use self-hosted WordPress site that qualifies for ad networks and excels in search results.

If you sell products or services, you would like to reach more customers with testimonials, sign up forms, and easily findable pages.

How to create a WordPress website (for beginners)

Websites are so important, but, they can feel like such a headache. I can help make it easier with focused guidance and taking on the frustrating tasks.

“Rey helped me with a few issues I was having with WordPress that were quite frustrating and taking me hours to try and figure out. I was so thankful that Rey was able to take it off my hands and get the tasks done so efficiently.” —Leanna

What are the steps to set up a website?

If you’re starting from scratch, here’s how to start out:

  • Purchase your domain name (the URL for your new website)
  • Sign up for self-hosted WordPress web hosting (BlueHost is one option)
  • Pick a pre-made theme to add design to your website and install it
  • Set up plugins to secure and optimize your site
  • Develop your content and add it to your WordPress site

Once your site is set up, you may wish to add the following:

  • An online store using WooCommerce
  • Email newsletter sign up form
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google Adsense

The initial setup of your website is going to take the most work. This is something I’ve done many times and can help you get it done efficiently. While you can certainly learn how to create a WordPress website for beginners, your time may be better spent on other crucial tasks for your business or creative venture. Please consider reaching out or booking a free Discovery Call with me.

Why Use WordPress?

63% of websites that use content management systems use WordPress, or 43% of all websites (W3Techs).

WordPress can grow with you as your business grows. I’ve worked on everything from landing pages to a multi-site installation for an international company in WordPress.

You can add an online store to your site (WooCommerce), you can easily embed videos and social media feeds, and you can do your own search engine optimization with the help of a plugin (YoastSEO).

If you’d like help creating an easy-to-maintain website to grow your audience, I’d be happy to work on this for you. Please get in touch through the Contact Us page or book a free Discovery Call.