Book Marketing Graphics: Help Launching Your Best Seller

Book marketing graphics, whether they are ad banners, social media posts, or included in a newsletter, are crucial to attract new readers. Yes, I know, you are probably a writer because you appreciate the beauty of prose. But to stop people from scrolling past in our overwhelming online world, you need eye-catching book marketing graphics.

Book Marketing Graphics: Help Launching Your Best Seller

Book Marketing Graphics: My Favorite Ideas

I love showcasing beautiful book covers. Just like a cover is enticing to a new reader on a bookstore shelf, posting graphics with your book cover online is like turning the book face out on the shelf to feature it.

Social proof will encourage readers to trust that you have a great book. Social proof can include quotes from reviews, awards, or stories about how the book changed a reader’s life.

I find it’s better to be straightforward about the themes of your book in advertising, while still avoiding spoilers. The romance genre does this extremely well. “Slow burn, high heat M/M paranormal spooky enemies to lovers.” Yes, that tells me pretty much exactly how the book is going to go, but do I still want to read it? Yes. For memoirs, also, I recommend sharing what the story is about, to help find people who are going to relate closely to your narrative.

A cute way to explain the themes of your book is to place the book cover in the center of the graphic, then have arrows pointing inwards at the book, with phrases explaining what the book is about. Many authors advertise using similar graphics.

Graphics can be easily modified for many different sizes and uses. We can take your banner ad, create an Instagram post, and also design a LinkedIn profile background.

If you’d like help creating elegant, enticing graphics to grow your audience, I’d be happy to work on this for you. Please get in touch through the Contact Us page or book a free Discovery Call.